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Hello and thank you for visiting my website.
This site hosts my Blog, Advocacy for Parkinson's and link to my children's book 'Jeremy- A noisy child'.
I'm searching for a literary agent or publishing house to take Jeremy under their wing so please contact me if you can help!
Just so you know, I live with my family on a stretch of the North East coast of England. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's aged 47.
I love:
  • My completely brilliant family and friends 
  • My dog and cat
  • Marmalade
  • Watching people shake hands when they meet
  • Montages of things being fixed
  • Mountains
  • Beach cleaning
  • Mending things
  • Nature
  • Receiving hand written letters or notes in the post
  • Dancing on a podium
  • Kindness in all its forms
I do not love:
  • Litter on the beach
  • Being late
  • Being far away from those that I love 

year of yes

I started saying 'YES' to things I'd always wanted to do but didn't which has lead to many magical moments.

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a noisy child

This is my book. Inspired by my husbands interesting singing and my love of making up bedtime stories for our girls when they were young, 

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